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This week Kyle takes a solo trip to long beach to catch up with his former roommate and dear friend Eric Bryan for a chat about the most underrated of musical instruments, the bass. Eric is a fantastic bass player who has hopped around numerous metal bands over the years. These days he plays with the excellent thrash band Anger As Art (who just released a new live album “Fast as F*ck”). Kyle talks about his long history of relationships with bass players, from his father, to some of his best friends, and past girlfriends. He also talks about how he has started to play more bass than guitar in recent years. They talk about what makes a good bass player and what bass brings to a band. They break down some of rock and metal's bass luminaries and how their played elevated their respective groups. They also chat about the philosophy of bass playing. There's probably more talk about the art of bass here than you are likely to find anywhere. (But if you find any sweet bass podcasts, be sure to let us know!) They also go on some pretty nerdy music tangents. If you're a fan of metal or sweet sweet low end, this episode is a good time.


Weekly Rads:

Kyle – The Night Comes for Us (movie)

Matthew – Cuphead (video game)

Laura – The Room (ipad game)


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