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I'd like to teach the world to rad, in perfect harmony. On today's show we are chatting with Greg Smith and Bridgid Ryan about the fizzy and delicious world of soda. Bridgid and Greg worked on Shudder's new series The Core with Kyle and the discuss the importance of lunch in a writers room. The group reminisce about their early experiences with soda. They also look back fondly at sodas that are no longer with us (RIP Fruitopia...). They break down the variations on Mountain Dew. They discuss the merits of Faygo. Kyle goes on a rant about the CocaCola museum in Atlanta. Plus you get some pretty interesting side tangents about social media and the concept of late capitalism. Yeah, it gets weird, but its also a lot of fun! So grab your favorite carbonated beverage, sit back, and enjoy!


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: I, Tonya (movie)

Laura: FoodStuff (podcast)

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Feel the Rad-thym! This week Kyle and Matthew travel to the exotic land of Marina del Rey to chat with comedian/playwright/salsa dancer Solange Castro. Kyle has known Solange for years through comedy and got super excited when she showed him her youtube series where she teaches comedians how to Salsa dance. They chat about Solange's history with Salsa dancing and how something can go from a curiosity to a lifestyle based on your willingness to try. Solange gives the boys an education into what makes Salsa different from other Latin American dances and also explains that within Salsa there are a ton of style variations. Plus you get some great talk about jazz music, meditation, and the state of social media. A delightful episode. Plus: after they recorded this episode, they filmed an episode of Solange's web series. Click the link below if you want to watch Kyle and Matthew get taught some basic salsa steps. Also, Kyle is so tall he doesn't fit on camera for a large portion of the video. It's pretty great.


Video Link:

Teaching Comics to Dance Salsa with Solange Castro

Episode #6: Kyle Clark and Matthew Burnside


Weekly Rads:

Matthew: Utopia by Bjork (album)

Kyle: Call Me By Your Name (Movie), Bonus Rad: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (main theme) by Ryuichi Sakamoto (Song)

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What happens when five podcasters stop being polite and start being real? They talk about the Real World (and Road Rules!). This week on the show Kyle and Burnside have an all-star line up featuring Becky Joiner, Julia Prescott, and Tom Seiniger to chat about two of the seminal shows in creating the world of reality television. In the process, they unwittingly open the floodgates for their guests to gab about their favorite reality shows in general. It turns out, The Bachelor is a very popular show and Tom, Becky, and Julia have some strong opinions. But there's still plenty of on topic discussion. Kyle and Julia chat about their love of The Real World: New Orleans and Road Rules: Latin America. Becky breaks down the modern MTV landscape and her love of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge spin off. They also chart the evolution of reality show personalities and the ways in which the format has evolved for better and for worse. They chat about how the show colored their ideas of culture and everybody feels old when they realize Becky is the only person on the episode young enough to still audition for the show.


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Roar (movie)

Burnside: Riverdale (show)

Tom: Gwar (band)

Julia: Ladybird (movie)

Becky: The Disaster Artist (book)

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Welcome to Rad-burger, home of the rad-burger. Can I take your order? This week we have another full house as Kyle, Burnside, and Laura are joined by perenial show favorites Monika Scott and Tom Seiniger to talk about the great American culinary marvel: The Burger. They talk about what makes a good home made burger. They explore the highs and lows of fancy restaurant burgers. And they dig into the labyrinthine topic of fast fast food burgers. Plus, like any good rad episode, there are some truly insane side tangents. Tom might have found the perfect name for his future podcast. Monika gets really graphic describing molten cheese. And we learn a few things about Matthew Burnside's culinary creations. If you can finish this episode without desiring some kind of burger afterwards, you have a lot more emotional fortitude than we did.


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Weekly Rads:

Kyle: Guppy by Charly Bliss (band)

Laura: Marveloous Miss Masel (spelling) (TV Show)

Monika: Deadwood (TV Show)

Tom: Alex Lahey (band)

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Body mod y'all. To the beat y'all. This week Kyle and Laura (and eventually Burnside) sit down to chat with returning guest J Gonzo and one of our new favorites, Stephanie Savage, to talk about the wild world of body modification. We get a history of modern piercing and tattoos. Kyle recounts just hours ago when J Gonzo gave him a new tattoo (the words “Slow Ride” on his back, check out our social media for pictures). Steph blows our minds with her stories about doing suspensions. Plus we answer a ton of fan questions and get really in depth about the pros and cons of getting your dick pierced. If you've ever been curious about the world of body modification this is a fun place to start with two incredibly talented people.


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: His new “Slow Ride” tattoo (by J Gonzo)

Laura: Thor: Ragnarok (movie)

Gonzo: Bonfires on the beach

Steph: Vacations

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Six rads forward and five rads back. We've got (an episode about) an angry inch! This week on This Is Rad, Kyle and Matt welcome back the always wonderful Julia Prescott for a chat about her favorite play “Hedwig and The Angry Inch”. For those who don't know, this is a GREAT place to start if you want to know about this cult phenomenon. Julia recounts her first experience with Hedwig and how it has prfoundly effected her life. They also talk about the unique way that the show was originally staged, and how it defied nearly every aspect of a traditional broadway play. Kyle talks about his own personal history of hating musicals and how Hedwig (and our Joe Kaye episode on musicals) really opened him up to a larger vision of what musical theater can be. Plus, Burnside had pretty much no idea what the play was about so its pretty funny when he learns what the titular “angry inch” is referring to...


Weekly Rads:

Matthew: The Xbox One X (The one he won in that Taco Bell contest)

Kyle: Caifanes (band) and their self titled album. (Bonus rad: Cafe Tacvba (band) and their single “Futaro”)


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You don't follow the rad, you go to where the rad is going to be. A deep cut quote for a hilarious (and shockingly informative) episode of This is Rad. Today we have Tom Goss (from The Mean Boys Podcast) giving us a history and state of the union for the great sport of hockey. Joining us as a bonus guest fellow Mean Boy Keith Carey, because if you have 2 co-hosts who don't know much about the sport, you might as well add a third person for additional color commentary. Even if you don't dig sports this episode celebrates the full range of hockey well beyond the game into pop culture, video games, and some recommendations for classic fight videos. Kyle chats about his love for The Mighty Ducks 2. The boys debate the best hockey video game. Plus thrill as the gang learn and rock out to the song that plays when the Anaheim Ducks score a goal. Strap on your skates and enjoy a knuckle puck of radness coming straight at you.


Weekly Rads:

Kyle: The Blood Brothers – Young Machetes (Album)

Matt: Super Mario Odyssey (Video Game)

Keith: Dead Man's Bones (Album)

Tom: The Food Network (TV Channel)

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This podcast was 98 pounds of solid rad until it became... The Toxic Rad-venger! This week Radtober comes to a close for another year with a visit from director/podcaster/fart enthusiast Joe Lynch! The guys have a nice chat about where is the best place in Disneyland to let out farts. They also talk about extreme cinema and the type of person that chases movies that give you a visceral reaction. Yet again, like the Ghosts of the Comedy Store episode marvel as both Kyle and Matthew lean back and let an expert storyteller regal the boys with some insane stories. Troma is one of the longest running indie film company in America and has created and distributed some of the most insane movies ever made. Joe got a front row seat to experience the second wave of Troma's success in the mid to late 90's and man does he have some incredible stories. If you've ever wanted to hear a story about a guy walking in the snow covered in puke wearing a Toxic Avenger costume you have come to the right place. Check out Joe's new movie “Mayhem” starring The Walking Dead's Stephen Yeun out in theaters and on VOD November 10th!


Weekly Rads:

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (video game) 

FantasticLand by Mike Bockoven (novel) 

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"We recorded a podcast. We recorded a podcast for you. Oh, what a thing to do. And it was all Giallo…" This week Kyle, Matthew and Natalie sit down with Radtober alum and spooky movie aficionado Alex Jacobs to talk about the uniquely Italian horror movie genre: giallo. Beginning in the 1960s, Italian filmmakers inspired by pulp novels and murder mysteries created proto-slasher films known for their stylistic use of music, color and black-gloved killers (along with brunettes and rampant murders at boarding schools). The gang discusses giallo's grand tradition of insane titles. Kyle and Alex get nostalgic about the use of the snap zooms in movies. Plus, we learn about vintage Italian cinema's total disregard for audio recording. But it wouldn't be "This Is Rad!" if there weren't some solid tangents, including a loving tribute to the non-giallo but still Italian horror classic “Suspiria." A fun and informative chat that lovingly celebrates a cool, lesser known corner of the horror movie landscape.

Weekly Rads: Raw, Happy Death Day, Stage Fright (1987)

Raddendums: Blood and Black Lace, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Suspiria, Dario Argento, Deep Red, The Case of the Bloody Iris, Five Dolls for an August Moon, All the Colors of the Dark, Bruno Nicolai, Twitch of the Death Nerve, Pieces, Four Flies on Gray Velvet, The Perfume of the Lady in Black, The Red Queen Kills Seven Times, City of the Living Dead, Berberian Sound Studio, The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears, Inferno, Goblin, The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grace, What Did They Do to Solange? John Saxon, Opera, Phenomena, Tom Atkins, Torso, Search Party, Jason Zinoman's Shock Value, Roger Corman's How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime, American Juggalo

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Booooo...too! This week the rad crew revisits the topic of Ghosts, this time taking a Radtober field trip to a former speakeasy overrun with mobsters and murderers -- better known today as the World Famous Comedy Store! The Virgil to their Dante is return guest Steve Simeone, who managed the Store back in the day and has a lot of spooky stories to tell about the mysterious things he encountered working there, particularly when he was locking up alone at night. They learn about the history of the building, starting from its beginnings as a speakeasy (you can still see the bootlegging tunnels there today) before becoming the legendary Hollywood nightclub Ciro's. Steve is an amazing storyteller, and in this episode, the most haunting thing is how quiet Kyle and Burnside are as Steve marvels them with his experiences. Sit back, dim the lights down and know in your heart Kyle will never be this quiet on an episode again. Check out Steve's new album “What's up Nerds?” and his podcast “Good Times.”

Weekly Rads: Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Halloween Is Grinch Night, Four Tet's "New Energy," and our special guest Alex Jacobs!

Raddendums: Paula Shore's Dead, A Night at Ciro's, Andrew Dice Clay

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